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Welcome Former AmTrust Surety Agencies and Customers!

On May 31, 2019, Liberty Mutual Insurance acquired the U.S. surety operations of AmTrust Financial Services. Both parties agreed that for a transition period, surety business for these acquired U.S. surety operations can be issued on AmTrust Financial underwriting company papers as well as Liberty Mutual Insurance underwriting company papers.  After the transition period, bonds will solely be written on Liberty Mutual Insurance underwriting company papers.  Read the press release.

Contract Programs

Xpress Contract Program

This is a special contract bond surety program designed for small contractors with infrequent bond needs. Underwriting is largely credit based and requires only a simple two-page application. Decisions and bond issuance are quick, typically within 24 hours. Under this program, we can consider bonds on projects up to $400,000 with an aggregate limit not to exceed $500,000. Fill out our Xpress Bond Application.

Xpress Plus Contract Program

While this program requires more information than the Xpress program, Xpress Plus requires significantly less documentation than a standard contract bond submission. For consideration, a simple multi-page application is required, as well as some basic financial information on the business and its owners. Depending on the quality of the information provided, under this program, internal financial statements and/or tax returns may be acceptable. This program supports single jobs and aggregate limits up to $1,500,000. Complete our Xpress Plus Application.

Applications and Tools

All Insco Dico online tools have been retired. Instead, please use Liberty Mutual Surety’s eBonding system to quote and issue bonds instantly. For more information about eBonding, view this flyer. Please contact your underwriter with any questions.

Insco Dico Direct Bill principal Online Payment

Online payment is temporarily unavailable. Please submit your payment via check to:

Insco Insurance Services, Inc.,
PO Box 19725
Irvine, CA 92623

Vista Surety

Get information on Vista Surety.

Premium Finance

Oregon and Washington Contractors that need license bonds with more than $500 premium eligible for premium financing.  Read more about how this program works.

Contact Us

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Call: (206) 473-6210

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Write us at:

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Attention: LMS Claims

To make a claim on a Wesco license bond, please contact:

Phone: (866) 272-9267

Fax: (877) 207-3961

To make a freight broker bond claim on an FMCSA BMC-84 bond issued by Developers Surety and Indemnity Company, please contact Federal Service Corporation at the below listed number and submit your claim inquiry via the Federal Service Corporation website listed below:

Federal Service Corporation

Submit a claim:

Call: (623) 209-2620

Fax: (623) 209-2630


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Broker Bond Notices of Cancellation

Still have questions, or need help with a claim? Simply call 800-595-2615.