Small/mid-size construction bonds

Surety Plus

Flexible. Responsive. Dedicated. Your business has all these qualities; your surety team should, too.

With Liberty Mutual Surety Plus™, small to mid-sized construction and subdivision projects in the U.S. get all this and more from our dedicated, skilled underwriters.

Whether you’re just starting out and seeking your first bond, or you’re a contractor with frequent bond needs, the Surety Plus underwriting team works with you and your agent every step of the way.

We even offer alternative contract surety solutions through our Vista program.

A commitment to your-sized business

It’s about your business – at any size. We’re one of the few carriers to invest in a team of field and home office underwriters dedicated solely to small and midsized contract surety.

And as your business grows, we’ll stay with you, thanks to our core surety unit for larger contracts. We adapt to your needs – at any stage of your business – to build successful, long-term relationships with our clients and agents.

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Contract XPress bonds: Answers in less than four hours

Contract XPress is ideal for credit-based bonds up to $500K. Because bonds written through Contract XPress are credit-based, they don’t require financial statements.

Your agent can work with you to complete the application below. Once it’s submitted, you’ll likely get an answer from us within the same day. Our average response time is less than four hours!

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Contract XPress+ bonds: No CPA necessary

Contract XPress+ covers programs between $500K single and $3 million single/aggregate cost to complete, or $1.5 million single/aggregate bonded-only programs. You’ll need financial statements to apply for these bonds – but the statements do not need to be CPA-prepared.

Your agent can work with you to complete the application below and we’ll likely turn around an answer within the business day. Our average response time for this segment is less than eight hours

Flexible. Responsive. Dedicated.

Liberty Mutual Surety Plus is ready to work with clients with single bond needs up to $25 million.

Our underwriting experts use a common-sense approach to every application, and can be flexible on limits when necessary. Their broad approval authority means less waiting and faster decisions for you.

Contractors enjoy no minimum premium or net worth requirements, and infrequent bond users are welcome.

Our target appetite for this segment

Liberty Mutual Surety is most interested in working with general contractors, subcontractors of all trades, and engineering contractors.

Projects outside our XPress or XPress+ appetite include residential construction contracts, computer software, and most hazardous materials.

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