Surety Plus Vista Program

A partnership worth building

Liberty Mutual Surety is one of only a few carriers offering both standard and alternative contract surety. Our Surety Plus Vista program provides bond solutions for:

  • Emerging businesses
  • Established business experiencing challenges; or
  • Contractors with nontraditional business models, where other sureties may shy away

Every Vista bond request is managed by a dedicated Surety Plus underwriter, experienced in specialty underwriting. Vista gives you the opportunity to stay competitive and bid bonded work, thanks to our specialized suite of underwriting tools, including:

Funds administration

With funds administration, construction proceeds are placed into an escrow account in the contractor’s name and managed on behalf of the contractor. Vendors and subcontractors receive payments straight from the escrow account, with input and validation of progress from the contractor


Collateral can include irrevocable letters of credit (ILOC), cash or equivalents, cash value of life insurance (CVLI), or real estate). Each form of collateral may present limitations and special underwriting considerations.

SBA & other bond guaranty programs

SBA (Small Business Administration) guarantees can be used to support bonding for multiple types of contractors.  We participate in the SBA Preferred Surety Bond (Plan B) program, which provides an 80% or 90% guarantee depending upon the type and status of contractor. We also participate in U.S. regional programs, which will give up to 40% collateral typically used in conjunction with funds administration.

The foundation of our Vista program is partnership. Thanks to our strength and stability, we’re one of the only sureties that can stand with you at any stage of your business. Whether you’re navigating a rough patch or are on the upswing, choose Liberty Mutual Surety.

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Read more about our Surety Plus Vista Program by downloading our brochure.